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Welcome to the Gemstone Treatment Report, the industry’s largest and most trusted resource for gemological testing and identification of gemstone treatments and lab created gemstones. This is a free sharing website provided by the world wide ISG Community to benefit the world wide gemstone industry as a whole. This information clearing house is a production of the International School of Gemology and the YourGemologist LLC gemological help websites whose purpose is to provide quality information for the benefit of consumers and the gemstone industry. Our research is the most intense on the market and is known world wide as the leading edge of gemstone research. Our reports are geared to the home town, independent jeweler and gemologist, as well as gemstone dealers at all levels who need quality information that is easy to read and provides easy to understand answers to the questions regarding gemstone treatments and synthetic gemstones. We welcome you to join us and become a part of the world wide research that is conducted here. We urge sharing of information and knowledge as a way to protect the credibility of this industry for the future.

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Image above: Blue filled growth tubes of a fake “Paraiba-like” tourmaline that has been infused with blue filler to  create a fake “Paraiba” tourmaline.

Welcome to the world’s most trusted authority for gemstone treatment and lab created gemstone identification information!

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